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**Between November 10th and November 21st, we experienced problems with our toll-free phone and fax numbers. During this time period, people sending faxes received confirmations but the Silver Ring Splint Company did not receive any data. We worked very hard to resolve this problem quickly but only received intermittent faxes during this time period. If you sent a fax during the dates listed please give us a call ASAP, with the customer number, to check on the status of your order. Now that the problem is fixed, be prepared to re-fax your order or email it to us at We will continue to work tirelessly to process all orders. It is also important to note that any orders received after December 13th are not guaranteed to be invoiced and shipped before the end of the year.

For 31 years the Silver Ring Splint Company has provided a beautiful and comfortable solution to long-term splint therapy. Both more effective and far more attractive than anything else on the market, our splints offer total patient well-being; medically effective hand therapy and a positive self image.

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