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Thumb MCP Splint with PVX


Block hyperextension of MCP joint.

Online purchasing will be coming soon. For now please download the Order Form and send it via fax or email.



Use the SilverRing™ Thumb MCP Splint to block hyperextension of a MCP joint. Use on thumbs that can actively abduct; do not use on thumbs that are adducted or have significant CMC problems (see Stable Thumb Splint with PVX instead).  A Proximal Volar Extension (PVX) is used to stabilize under the head of the metacarpal joint to better reduce hyperextension. When there is less than 15° of hyperextension some patients choose to go without the PVX. A 25° bend to the proximal ring helps block hyperextension or even promote flexion at MCP joint.

Starting in 2021, the MCP thumb splint with and without the PVX will come standard with a 25° bend in the proximal ring. This bend will allow for better comfort and fit for most patients and increased flexion at the MP, which should give better support. This will not change anything about the measuring process (MCP measuring instructions). You will still need to find the length and width of the proximal ring as well as the distal ring. You can request to have the bend taken out, but you will need to notate that clearly on the order form.


A bracelet is available to secure this splint on the thumb. The bracelet can be wrapped 2 different ways around the wrist.  One way causing the bracelet to criss-cross over itself before connecting back to splint which changes the angle of pull to seat bracelet better on ulnar side of wrist. Criss-crossing bracelet can require a longer 9” bracelet which should be requested when ordering. S hook or Magnetic clasp can be ordered on the bracelet for people with fine motor problems or who want easier fastening.

Other options are: To block radial deviation (Skier’s thumb, Gamekeeper’s thumb, UCL tear) both Ulnar Lateral Support and Proximal Radial Extension need to be added. When these additions are added the splint will be sent unfinished to verify fit. One remake is allowed at no additional charge. Any further remakes or returns for credit will incur a 25% restocking fee.