Consumer Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are SilverRing™ splints covered by insurance?

    Some insurance companies and insurance programs such as Medicare have covered SilverRing™ splints in the past. Coverage is dependent on variables such as the type of insurance policy and the medical necessity of the splint. Typically a facility or patient orders the splints and submits the invoice to insurance to be reimbursed.

    Please visit our Insurance Coverage page for information on filing a claim.

  • Are there codes for billing insurance companies?

    Will insurance companies cover the splints and what codes does one use? Yes, insurance companies may cover our splints but it depends on many variables. We do not bill insurance so the first step is to contact the provider and check what process one may need to follow to get the splints covered. The provider may be willing to reimburse the patient, or splints may need to be ordered through the measuring facility, orthotics company or durable medical equipment supplier (DME).

    During the process, there may be a question about what “L” codes or “HCPCS” codes to use for SilverRing™ splints. Static finger splint codes are most often used. The following codes can be a good starting point in the discussion with the provider. These codes do not guarantee coverage or payment and do not replace your medical provider’s billing expertise. It is your responsibility to bill with the appropriate billing codes for the services and/or products provided. Based on feedback from individuals, our best advice is: Do not give up easily.

    Since some people need multiple splints for each hand or finger, a more comprehensive “Letter of Medical Necessity” can be helpful. The form we provide is a generic letter to help the therapist, doctor or patient in the process of submitting to an insurance provider. It already includes the most common codes used for our splints.

    Most forms have a field labeled Place of Service. Place of Service refers to the place where the patient will be using the device/orthosis/splint, not where the splint was measured. We recommend filling in this field with the numerical code for Home. We have seen code – 12 used for Home. It is the responsibility of the patient or therapist to check filing codes on any forms being submitted.

    *The click here link at the end of each of the following lines takes you to a page for an exact definition and allows you to search by state to check Fee Schedules.

    Custom Orthosis:

    “L3933” –  Custom fabricated finger orthosis (click here)
    “L3913” –  Custom fabricated hand finger orthosis
    **Note: we have seen this code used for thumb splints** (click here)
    “L3808” –  Custom fabricated wrist hand finger orthosis
    **Note: we have seen this code used for thumb splints** (click here)
    “E1399” – Durable medical equipment, miscellaneous (click here)
    **Note: Code may only be valid if ordering through DME supplier. Not all facilities have a DME classification.

    Other Splint Codes:

    “Q4049” – Finger splint, static (click here)
    “L3927” –  Prefabricated finger orthosis (click here)
    “L3923” –  Prefabricated hand finger orthosis (click here)

  • Can I order or reorder splints without going through the facility?

    If you are ordering for the first time you must have been evaluated and measured by a therapist. You should have received an order form from the therapist with the splint type and your sizes listed. This order form will have a customer number at the top, which we will use to store your information. Fax or email new orders so we have a hard copy to check against and be sure to provide your contact information in case we have any questions.

    We are happy to take reorders over the phone. Our office is open 9:00am to 5:30pm EST. If you are re-ordering, please have as much information on hand as possible. If you have saved the old invoice, packing slip or plastic bag the splints came in, then we will be able to use the invoice number as a reference to re-order the correct splint. If you don’t have any old paperwork, provide the name of the facility where you were measured and the approximate date (month & year). We have records dating back over fifteen years, so there is a good chance we can find your original order.

    When a patient is ordering directly, payment must be made by credit card or by including a check with the order when it is mailed to us. If the payment is being made by check, please call to verify the price and shipping charge so the check will be for the correct amount.

  • How do I obtain a splint?

    To obtain a SilverRing™ splint, you will need to be seen by a therapist who can evaluate your hand function and recommend whether finger splints will improve your hand function and/or decrease pain. SilverRing™ splints are custom fit for your fingers. In order to obtain custom fit SilverRing™ splints, your fingers will have to be measured by the therapist using our specialized measuring tool, the EZ-Sizer™. To locate a therapist in your area who has a measuring kit and can take your measurements, please contact our office by telephone at 800-311-7028 or by email at If using email, please let us know the city and zip code where you live as well as the name of surrounding cities within easy travel distance. If there is no therapist in your city who has a measuring kit, we will try to suggest someone in one of the surrounding cities.

  • How do I return a splint?

    Splints that are unused or returned in new condition may be exchanged free of charge.  Used or damaged splints may not be returned for exchange, credit or refund.  Any modification to or repair of the splints by anyone other than the Silver Ring Splint Co. voids our warranty.  Splints that are damaged, badly scratched, etc will not be accepted for return or exchange.  Do not use tools on our splints.  Note that we do not size splints, they are exchanged so returned splints must be received in new condition to be put back into our inventory.   

    Return splints in a box with padding to insure they are not damaged in transit.  We are not responsible for any splint that has been flattened, damaged, or lost during shipping. Please insure shipments properly.

    Use the RMA form when returning for exchange or refund.  There is no need to call Silver Ring Splint for a RMA number.  Instead, please put your Invoice number on the RMA Form to reference your order.

    All Mail:
    Silver Ring Splint Co.
    1140 East market Street
    Charlottesville, VA 22902

    Please be sure to use the proper address above and to follow all instructions, Allow 3-8 business days for us to open and process returns/exchanges once the shipment has been received.

    We are not responsible for customs or duty charges or for return mailing charges. Exchanges are usually shipped back free of charge through US Mail – if you require a specific carrier or expedited service you may be charged shipping fees on the exchange.  Please note not all carriers can deliver to a PO Box.

  • How does one order a splint with a precious or semi-precious stone? How much does a splint with a precious or semi-precious stone cost?

    Splints with stones are “special order splints” and cannot be returned. Before you call us, please consider your choices. You will have to choose either gold or silver, a kind of stone (i.e. Ruby, Sapphire, Peridot, etc.), a stone quality (i.e. genuine, lab grown or synthetic) and a stone size. All these factors will affect the price. We recommend having a color and a budget in mind before you call us.

    Stone splints can take 2-4 weeks to process and the size and fit will need to be verified in silver first.

  • How does one order gold splints? How much does a gold splint cost?

    Gold splints are special order splints and cannot be returned. Gold splint prices are based on the market price of gold on the day the splint is ordered. For example, when the market price of gold is $1,400: Swan Neck splints are $670, Boutonniere splints are $710 and MCP splints are $1,770 (without the proximal volar extension or the bracelet). The size and fit of the splint must first be verified in silver before the gold splint can be ordered.

  • How much do SilverRing™ splints cost?

    The Price List is available online. You may also call the company to get a quote on a splint.

  • Should I order regular strength, extra strength or wide splints?

    We no longer offer regular strength splints.

    Extra strength splints have become our standard for all our products so as to provide the best quality and durability.  Wide splints are made from the same gauge wire as extra strength splints, but have an increased lip width to help disperse the pressure on the dorsal surface of the finger. For example, the lip width of a size 9 ring in extra strength is 3.2 mm and in wide is 4.4 mm.

  • The bracelet with my thumb splint is too long. How can I get it shortened?

    The bracelet that is ordered with the splint is a standard eight inch length. During fitting and evaluation, we suggest using a safety pin, twist ties or dental floss to adjust the bracelet to a comfortable length. This adjustment can be tried and changed over several days as the patient gets used to the splint. The bracelet should be comfortable and help keep the splint in place. Once a length has been decided on, you can return the splint and the bracelet to us. Please provide the total length of the bracelet needed, including jump ring and clasp. We will send the splint back to you all at no charge. Alternatively, you can have a local jeweler adjust the bracelet, which should be a quick adjustment for a nominal fee.

  • What are Non-Returnable Splints?

    Non-Returnable Splints are splints that are unique and not part of our normal product line. Gold splints and splints with precious or semi-precious stones are Non-Returnable Splints. Non-Returnable Splints may not be returned for size changes, refund or credit. Because Non-Returnable Splints may not be returned, there are specific steps that are followed in the ordering process. When someone wants or needs a Non-Returnable Splint, we first send either a regular silver splint or an unfinished mock-up splint for size verification. This step may require several iterations until the correct fit is obtained. Once the size and function of the silver splint is verified, that silver splint may returned for credit and the Non-Returnable Splints may be ordered.

    Special order splints typically take 2-4 weeks to make.

  • What happens if I step on my splint? Can I get my splint reshaped?

    We do offer reshaping of older splints for a nominal fee. The splint must be free of cracks and will need to be returned to us for evaluation. At this time we can determine the splint integrity and will contact you to discuss the options. Please provide contact information, including a telephone number, and payment information with your return.

  • What if the splint does not fit?

    All regular splints may be exchanged free of charge if they are in “like new” condition. We encourage patients to try out splints to make sure they fit properly. The silver from which the splints are manufactured is malleable and the angle between the rings may be manually changed to adjust the fit of the splint (see our Adjustment Flyer download for instructions). These changes are expected and will not prevent the splints from being exchanged free of charge. Never use tools when adjusting the splints as tools will scratch the splints. Splints with heavy scratches or tool marks may not be exchanged. Special order splints may not be exchanged free of charge; therapists should contact us by phone with questions. Return instructions are supplied with all orders. See How do I return a splint for more information.

  • What is the warranty on SilverRing™ splints? Can I get a broken splint repaired?

    The Silver Ring Splint Company warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship for one year. Should any product fail to perform for either of the above reasons, the Silver Ring Splint Company will repair or replace the product at no charge. Repairs by anyone other than the Silver Ring Splint Company voids our warranty, with the exception of bracelet adjustments. Typically, it costs more to repair a broken splint that is out of warranty than to buy a new splint. However, if you would like for us to evaluate the condition of your splint, please follow the return instructions.  Be sure to include your contact information.

  • What kind of splint do I order?

    Consult with a therapist or another medical professional that understands hands and is familiar with our splints to evaluate your hand function and make recommendations on whether our splints are right for you.

    If you need the name of a therapist in your area who is familiar with our products, please contact us.

    In order to make appropriate choices in splints, your therapist will need to:

    • Be knowledgeable about disease processes and injuries.
    • Evaluate the type and degree of deformity present in your hands.
    • Evaluate your total hand function.
    • Discuss your concerns regarding pain, weakness, loss of function, decreased power and appearance of your hands.
    • Need a measuring kit to be able to take accurate measurements.
  • When can I expect my splint to arrive?

    We strive to get all SilverRing™ splint orders processed and shipped out in 2-4 business days. Special order splints (those splints noted as special order on our price list), gold splints and splints with stones can take 2-4 weeks for us to manufacture. Shipping times will depend on the method chosen at the time of the order. Any missing information on the order form can cause delays in the order. Our order forms have a place for email confirmation and tracking and this is the best way to check the status of an order. 1st Class Mail (USPS) averages 2-10 business days and FedEx Ground takes 5 business days to the west coast. Two-Day and Overnight shipping is available and International Airmail generally takes 8 to 12 business days depending on the distance and customs.

  • Why do special order splints have a multi-step ordering process?

    Special order splints often have a multi-step ordering process to ensure that special order splints fit and function properly and keeps splint costs lower. We first send special order splints unfinished for fitting and function purposes and for size verification. The thermoplastic splints or plaster molds can be useful in understanding shape, but cannot always be duplicated in silver. Then, with feedback from the therapist and the patient, we can make size changes and adjustments without having to remake the whole splint.  Please inform the patient up front about the process so the turnaround time does not come as a surprise.

  • Why does one need a customer number?

    Records for each patient are kept under the customer number of the facility or office where they were measured for splints. This number has nothing to do with billing and insures that the patient was seen by someone with our custom tools. It is required for all orders. With the customer number, we can locate records of prior shipments to patients.