The hand is a marvelous tool that performs both subtle, delicate movements and powerful sustained, or repetitive work. We depend on our hands to convey our feelings, receive information and interact with our environment. When disease or injury interrupts the balance of the muscles, ligaments or joints, it has great impact both physically and psychologically—it may be more difficult or painful to do common tasks; there may be embarrassment in social situations when attention is drawn to “the problem”; and there is a sense of loss when having to change or give up being able to do things that have brought meaning to one’s life. If conservative solutions are not found, there can be a huge financial burden as a result of costly surgery, rehabilitation and loss from work.

Made with beautiful sterling silver, Silver Ring Splints provide a permanent alternative to other options on the market that are bulky, unattractive and prone to wear. Their latest specialized measuring kit enables Therapists to order perfectly sized, custom-fit splints for a variety of hand ailments. Hyperextension, Lateral Instability, Flexion, MCP Deviations, Thumb Problems, Triggering as well as combinations of these problems and more, can be effectively treated using Silver Ring splints allowing you optimal functioning in your hands and fingers.