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I have been wearing your ring splints for 4 years as a nurse doing blood draws and IVs. I love them! They stabilize my joints even under my gloves!!!

Jodi Neerings-Byam

I cannot recommend these enough. The splints are great and the customer service is absolutely phenomenal!

— Kelly Yangula Asfour

My Silver Ring Splints are a lifesaver! There are a ‘must’ for anyone with EDS.

— Mila Johns

A 14-year old girl who came to me for guitar lessons had the loosest finger joints I had ever seen and great difficulty playing. Two weeks after going for an evaluation, she returned with your ring splints on every joint… and a huge smile!

— A Music Educator

Your SilverRing Splint concept is great. An O.T. can make almost anything for the hand with splint material and Velcro, but most patients would rather just bear the deformity than look conspicuous.

— Paulette Yager

Your Silver Ring Splints are the real deal, and people need to know that, especially with all the ‘gimmicks’ out there for solving everything from cancer to hang-nails. When it’s an ailment such as those serviced by your product, people need to understand that the simple support of one Silver Ring Splint will out-do all the other crazy-fangled cures they might have heard about. Keep it simple with a Silver Ring Splint!

— Stephanie

It is rewarding to have patients come back excited about how much easier it is to do things and how good their hands look doing it.

— Mary Leifheit

I’m an occupational therapist with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’ve been wearing a Swan Neck Splint on each finger for more than a year. It is difficult to accept the diagnosis of a life-long debilitating disease, but I have found that explaining the purpose of my “beautiful rings” has helped me with the healing process.

— Vickie Keeling-Shelton

How can I tell you what a difference your splints have made in my life? For nearly 10 years, I hardly picked up my guitar. Within months of beginning to wear your splints, the pain eased. Music is again the center of my life. Thank you.

— Flip Breskin

I wanted to let you know that I’ve been using two different Silver Ring Splints for several months now. They are ridiculously amazing and I can’t tell you how much they’ve helped me in everyday life. In addition to stabilizing my fingers while I’m writing, painting and performing tasks that require uninhibited small motor skills, I work with horses, which of course requires the exact opposite sort of tasks be performed. I worried that I would bend or deform the Silver Ring Splints with the heavy lifting and rough handling of stable duties. The Splints have never faltered and are holding up far better than my jewelry. I’m someone who really can ‘break and anvil’ and I’m terribly impressed with Silver Ring Splints. Period. I would recommend them to anyone who suffers from a malady in which splints would be beneficial and should I begin having trouble with instability in other fingers down the line, Silver Ring Splints will be the first thing I turn to!

— Stephanie M. Marchi