Note: When considering splints, it is important to consult with and be evaluated by a therapist or other healthcare professional who specializes in treating finger problems and who can give advice on the best splint solutions. Contact us to find a therapist near you > 

Forced Flexion Splint


Hold PIP, DIP or IP in 30° to 50° flexion

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Use the SilverRing™ Forced Flexion Splint to hold a PIP, DIP or IP in 30° to 50° of flexion. Use when the joint is locking or clicking in a more neutral position. Splint uses a wide model Swan Neck Splint spread to a wider angle to hold the finger at the desired angle. The SilverRing™ Forced Flexion Splint is measured like a Swan Neck splint with the finger in a neutral position. Along with Swan Neck Splint measurements, state the desired angle the joint needs to be held in. When processing the order we will adjust your sizes so both proximal and distal portions of the splint are individually sized for fit and function.