Note: When considering splints, it is important to consult with and be evaluated by a therapist or other healthcare professional who specializes in treating finger problems and who can give advice on the best splint solutions. Contact us to find a therapist near you > 



Used to secure thumb splint.
Magnetic Clasp add $24.00

Online purchasing will be coming soon. For now please download the Order Form and send it via fax or email.



The bracelet is used to secure splints on the hand and is usually used for the Thumb MCP Splint and required for all the Stable Thumb Splints. The bracelet is permanently attached on one side to the splint so it cannot be lost. If a patient needs the ability to attach and remove a bracelet based on function, a second clasp can be added to the bracelet.

There are 3 clasp options: Lobster clasp, ‘S’ Hook and Magnetic Clasp. The Magnetic clasp has an additional fee and is the best option for people lacking fine motor dexterity or who have difficulty pinching. A standard 8 inch bracelet is sent with the splint. The bracelet can be criss-crossed around the wrist, changing the angle and pull of the bracelet, keeping it on the wrist and away of the palm. This method may require a longer bracelet, which should be requested when ordering.

Magnetic clasp:

  • All magnets can lose part or all of their magnetism when exposed to extreme temperatures. If a magnet reaches above 176° F (80° C) the magnetism can be lost.
  • Our magnets are plated to resist moisture, however, if our magnets are exposed to moisture small amounts of rust may form. This rust will not affect the overall magnetism. Any rust stain can easily be wiped away.
  • The magnets are Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) and are black nickel plated. A nickel allergy is a common metal allergy. The magnet surface is exposed on the inside of the clasp but does not contact the skin in any way.