Note: When considering splints, it is important to consult with and be evaluated by a therapist or other healthcare professional who specializes in treating finger problems and who can give advice on the best splint solutions. Contact us to find a therapist near you > 

Splints with Stones

Add designs and/or stones to your splints. Splint size and fit must be verified first. These cannot be ordered online, please call for more information.


Adding designs and/or precious stones to your splints can make them even more beautiful. We have many ring options to suit your style. You can pick from genuine and laboratory-grown stones in many different colors and price points. Before ordering a specialty ring with stones, size and fit of splint must be verified.

If interested in a quote please email us with: model number, silver/gold, type & color of stone and price point goal. If your interested in genuine stones (Diamonds, Ruby’s, Emerald, etc.), some styles will not be made in silver. This is due to silver prongs not being as strong/secure holding expensive stones in place as gold prongs are.

Prices will greatly vary based on what options someone chooses. Gold prices fluctuate with the market price of gold on the day a splint is ordered. The following are the approximate prices of the actual splints pictured with the Gold Spot at $1300. We will do our best to have these prices be as accurate as possible with a plus/minus of $30.

  • Swan Neck Splint Model 101 & 102 in Silver – listed on price list
  • Swan Neck Splint Model 101 & 102 in 14ky Gold – $630
  • Boutonniere Splint Model 101 & 102 in 14ky Gold – $670 (not pictured)
  • Model 103 in 14ky Gold with six VS 2.7mm Diamonds – $1,353
  • Model 104 in 14ky Gold with one VS 4.4 mm Diamond – $1,897 (Diamonds can greatly vary in price. Versatile setting with many stone options)
  • Model 105 in 14ky Gold with one VS 4.0 mm Diamond – $1,467 (Diamonds can greatly vary in price)
  • Model 106 in 14ky Gold with marquise Emerald, 6×3 mm, AA quality – $1,661
  • Model 107 in 14ky Gold with Octagonal Ruby & Diamond baguette accents – $3,548
  • Model 108 in 14ky Gold with Sapphire & Diamond accents – $1262
  • Model 109 in Silver with Cabochon Black Onyx – $188
  • Model 110 in Silver with Cabochon Green Tourmaline – $195
  • Model 111 in Silver with Cabochon Lapis Lazuli – $192