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Stable Thumb 3 with PVX & Spiral


Block radial deviation, flexion and hyperextension of MCP joint (similar to a Short Thumb Spica splint).
ST4 (no spiral) $302.00

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Use the SilverRing™ Stable Thumb 3 Splint (ST3) to block radial deviation of the MCP joint. The ST3 dorsal plate is designed to wrap around to the ulnar side of the MCP joint to be the support/fulcrum of the 3 points of pressure needed to block deviation. The ST3 splint comes with a spiral distal ring which can be stretched out towards the IP for better leverage. ST4 (no sprial) will reduce the support of the splint but will allow more motion/function. The PVX (proximal volar extension) is also typically ordered so as to support underneath the head of the MCP metacarpal to block the subluxation.

PVX Options:

There are two PVX styles to choose from: The ‘U’ shaped PVX distributes pressure along the length of the U and leaves an opening inside the U if direct pressure on the head of the metacarpal is uncomfortable. The Spoon shaped PVX places more direct pressure with a curved pad and is much more adjustable since it attaches with one bar. The Spoon shaped PVX can easily be twisted or bent left/right. Both PVXs are designed to be equally strong. If a PVX breaks outside our warranty please contact us to discuss repairing or replacing the splint. The support of a SilverRing™ Stable Thumb Splint w/ PVX & Spiral closely resembles how a short short thumb spica splint would function.

Lateral Support options:

Use instead of the SilverRing™ Thumb MCP Splint w/ Lateral Support & Radial extension to give better stability to thumb when the thumb is adducted, subluxed at the CMC joint, has a tight web space or with limited passive MCP motion. Although the ST3 splint will limit some MCP flexion, the plate greatly increases the effectiveness of the lateral stability the splint offers compared to the SilverRIng™ Thumb MCP Splint with supports. The ST3 splint is returnable and often easier to fit than the MCP splint which is a special order splint.

Bracelet options:

We include a bracelet with this splint because it is necessary as a counter force. There are 3 clasp options: Lobster clasp, ‘S’ Hook and Magnetic Clasp. The Magnetic clasp costs extra but is the best options for people lacking fine motor dexterity or who have difficulty pinching.