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Lateral Support Splint


Correct lateral deviation and block mild to moderate hyperextension.
Both side support add $30.00
Wide add $25.00

Online purchasing will be coming soon. For now please download the Order Form and send it via fax or email.



Use the SilverRing™ Lateral Support Splint to correct lateral deviation and block hyperextension of a joint while allowing full flexion. The lateral support, which is the fulcrum point of the splint, is always placed on the side opposite the direction the finger is deviating. For example, if there is ulnar deviation of the finger, you should order a splint with support on the radial side. This splint can be worn on any of the IP joints of the hand. If the finger is bilaterally unstable, the lateral support splint is available with supports on both sides. The SilverRing™ Lateral Support Splint will not stop rotational twist of a joint which can also be present when a joint is deviating. Rotational twist can cause a splint to rotate on the finger; adding a support to both sides can reduce the tendency for the splint to rotate.