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Stable Thumb Splint


Reduce flexion of MCP joint.

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Use the SilverRing™ Stable Thumb Splint when extension at the thumb MCP joint is needed and the MCP joint has the ability to be passively corrected to neutral. Hyperflexion of the MCP joint is sometimes caused by extreme hyperextension of the thumb IP. Blocking IP hyperextension can sometimes resolve issues at the MCP Joint. The SilverRing™ Stable Thumb Splint can be worn at the same time with a splint stabilizing the IP.

There are 3 different dorsal plate options to choose from: Standard, Long and 3D. The Standard dorsal plate is better for smaller hands and/or to avoid putting pressure on areas near the CMC joint. The Long plate is better for larger hands or when more leverage may be helpful. The 3D plate is the one design which is right or left hand specific and is better when MCP joint is more enlarged. The 3D plate wraps around the MCP joint which some find more comfortable. A bracelet is included with this splint because it is necessary as a counter force. There are 3 clasp options: Lobster clasp, ‘S’ Hook and Magnetic Clasp. The Magnetic clasp costs extra but is the best options for people lacking fine motor dexterity or who have difficulty pinching.