Note: When considering splints, it is important to consult with and be evaluated by a therapist or other healthcare professional who specializes in treating finger problems and who can give advice on the best splint solutions. Contact us to find a therapist near you > 

Stable Thumb Plate Designs


Adding designs to your splints can make them even more beautiful. We have many plate options to suit different styles. We offer custom pierce work where you develop a design with our team. Before ordering a specialty plate, size and fit of splint must be verified. The specialty plate designs can be added to all three Stable Thumb options: Standard, Long & 3D.

Plate designs cost an additional $55.

    • Argon 
    • Brook 
    • Cindy 
    • Daisy 
    • Elm   
    • Fern   
    • Geo   

Custom pierce work is also available upon request. The average cost is $200 and you will with our team to develop a unique cut out design. Piece work serves not only to stylize your splint but create extra air flow. Check out our Instagram for more examples.