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EDS Splint


Block hyperextension of MPs of the fingers.
Rocker Bar add $60.00

Online purchasing will be coming soon. For now please download the Order Form and send it via fax or email.


Use the SilverRing™ EDS Splint to correct hyperextension of the MP joints without blocking flexion. Typically only one EDS Splint located on the middle finger is needed. With the splint centrally located it can help block all fingers from hyperextending during most activities. If needed the EDS Splint can be worn on adjacent fingers. If the small fingers MP is hyperextending and/or dislocating you may also want to look at the 2½ Buddy Ring to control MP movement.  

The SilverRing™ EDS Splint is designed to reduce or block hyperextension but of equal importance it is used for proprioception of the hand and fingers. Due to the leverage that can be exerted on the splint some find they can overpower the bars. One should consider that this splint is used as a reminder to change how they use their hand as much as it is for forcibly blocking MP hyperextension. A “Rocker Bar” can be added to the dorsal bar to help disperse the pressure on the back of the hand.  

*Special order splints address unique situations. We understand these splints may need adjustments or size changes; the first modification or adjustment is free of charge. For additional modifications there will be labor and material charges which we are happy to quote prior to proceeding.

In the event a special order splint cannot be modified or adjusted to resolve your patient’s situation, the splint may be returned for refund or credit of 75% of the purchase price. There is no refund for additional labor and material charges.