Boutonniere For Lateral Instability With Limited Range of Motion

SilverRing™ Boutonniere Splint on the PIP joint

Use the SilverRing™ Boutonniere and SilverRing™ Long Boutonniere Splints, worn with the spacer on the side of the joint, to provide the greatest leverage for correcting joint deviation. Order these splints when flexion of the joint is limited to less than 45 degrees, but not for a finger, which has full active flexion since the splint will rotate. The SilverRing™ Long Boutonniere Splint is designed exclusively for the PIP joint because of its overall length. The SilverRing™ Boutonniere Splint, being shorter, can be used on the DIP joint, the PIP joint of a short finger or the IP joint of the thumb.