Stable Thumb For Hyperextension and Flexion

SilverRing™ Stable Thumb Splint

Use the SilverRing™ Stable Thumb Splint with Proximal Volar Extension (PVX) when there are significant CMC changes (very little or no motion at the CMC joint, a “step off” or subluxation at the CMC joint) or if the thumb moves predominantly in an adducted prehension pattern when grasping. This splint stabilizes the MCP joint dorsal and volar to prevent hyperextension and flexion. It is used for MP hyperextension when there are significant joint changes at the CMC joint with an adducted prehension pattern. A bracelet keeps the splint from migrating and is attached with a clasp (standard) or an S-hook (optional – if fine motor skills are limited). This splint can easily be worn at the same time with a splint on the IP joint.