EDS Thumb


The majority of the time, the Stable Thumb 3D splint will offer the most correction and support for patients with EDS or hypermobility. This splint comes with multiple options that should be discussed between patient and therapist.

The Stable Thumb 3D splint is better when MCP joint is more enlarged and offers lateral support. It has a longer plate and can help with CMC issues as well.

Unless the patient has a flexion deformity, the Proximal Volar Extension (PVX) will be needed to block hyperextension. There are two PVX styles to choose from: The ‘U’ PVX distributes pressure around the head of the metacarpal avoiding direct pressure on a potentially sensitive area. The ‘Spoon’ PVX places more direct pressure with a curved pad that can more easily be adjusted by twisting or bending left/right. Both PVXs are designed to be equally strong. If a PVX breaks outside our warranty please contact us to discuss repairing or replacing the splint.

A bracelet is included with this splint and is necessary as a counter force. There are 3 clasp options: Lobster clasp, ‘S’ Hook and Magnetic Clasp. The Magnetic clasp has an additional fee and is the best option for people lacking fine motor dexterity or who have difficulty pinching. A standard 8 inch bracelet is sent with the splint. If the patient wishes to criss-cross the bracelet, which will keep the chain higher on the wrist, a longer bracelet may be requested.