In 1974, occupational therapist Cynthia Garris was forced to take a new look at splint therapy – in that year, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She had long believed in the value of splinting, but soon realized that none of the existing technologies addressed the long-term use of splints. While plastic splints were fine for treating short-term trauma, no one would willingly use this cumbersome and embarrassing solution for the remainder of their lifetime. In 1985, she set out to design and manufacture a new series of splints that were both more effective and far more attractive than the splints then in use. In the process, she revolutionized every aspect of splint therapy. With SIRIS™ Splints, patients stop worrying about the appearance of their hands. They willingly wear the splints that their doctor recommends and for the first time ever, they begin to feel better about needing splints. One grandmother writes that because of how her old splints looked, her grandchildren were afraid to approach her. She was very glad to report that now that she wears SIRIS™ Splints, they readily jump up on her lap. A dental hygienist reduces hand fatigue by wearing SIRIS™ Splints under her surgical gloves as she works. A musician in the New York Philharmonic performs with confidence, now that her finger is supported and protected with SIRIS™ Splint. Whether they need finger stability for hand-intensive work or for everyday tasks like cooking and holding a pencil, thousands of people have made SIRIS™ Splints a valued part of their everyday lives. This is total patient well-being; medically effective hand therapy and a positive self-image.

  • Instead of rigid, bulky plastic, Silver Ring Splints are made of sterling silver. It is low-profile and strong, yet malleable, allowing for adjustments.

  • The double-loop design with patented elliptically-shaped rings fits snugly on the finger at an angle without looseness or gaps on the sides.

  • Silver Ring Splint’s specialized measuring kit enables therapists to order perfectly sized, custom-fit splints.

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