For more than 25 years, our company has provided high quality, custom-fit SIRIS™ Ring Splints for individuals with hand problems. Made of sterling silver or gold, these ring splints combine beauty and durability with simple solutions to improve function and normalize the appearance of the hand.

What our splints do:

  • Improve hand function
  • Stabilize & protect joints
  • Reduce pain & swelling
  • Correct alignment
  • Normalize appearance

Splints don’t have to be bulky and cumbersome. SIRIS™ Ring Splints are light, beautiful and publicly acceptable. By protecting and supporting your fingers they allow you to continue doing activities that you love.

Some of our splints:

“I lived with Rheumatoid arthritis for 19 years before I started wearing your splints a year ago. I have since noticed a remarkable change in the appearance of my fingers, as well as, I no longer have difficulty grasping objects. Not only do your splints help me function daily, but I am also frequently complimented on how unique and fashionable they are. My hands no longer embarrass me. Thank you!”

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