Therapist Testimonials

  • “I’m an occupational therapist with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’ve been wearing a SIRIS™ Swan Neck Splint on each finger for more than a year. It is difficult to accept the diagnosis of a life-long debilitating disease, but I have found that explaining the purpose of my “beautiful rings” has helped me with the healing process.”


  • “It is rewarding to have patients come back excited about how much easier it is to do things and how good their hands look doing it.”

    OTR/L at Arthritis and Osteoporosis Care Center

  • “Your SIRIS™ Splint concept is great. An O.T. can make almost anything for the hand with splint material and Velcro, but most patients would rather just bear the deformity than look conspicuous.”

    OTR/L at Occupational & Hand Therapy, Ltd.

  • “Your splints met with overwhelming approval from representatives of all disciplines in our inter-disciplinary team.”

    Therapist at University Hospital

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