SIRIS™ EZ-Sizer™ Measuring Tool

Sizing has never been easier! The SIRIS™ EZ-Sizer™ allows you to measure for SIRIS™ splints with ease and accuracy. Designed to match the patented elliptical shape of our splints, this specialized measuring tool ensures a perfect fit. The individual EZ-Sizers™ fit conveniently into the Holders to form “splints”, allowing you to visualize how the complete splints will conform to your patients’ fingers.


SIRIS™ EZ-Sizer™ Measuring Kit

$29.00 Includes a 56 large and small EZ-Sizers, 2 Swan Neck Holders, 1 Boutonniere Holder, 1 set of Round Ringsizers (not pictured), order forms, and measuring instructions. Additionally a free sample SIRIS™ Swan Neck Splint will be provided to medical facilities.

EZ-Sizers (sizes 0.25 to 40.0)


Round Ring Sizers (sizes 1.0 to 15.0)


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Download Order Form
Remember to include a customer number which identifies the facility who measured the patient. If unknown please contact your therapist or call Silver Ring Splint for help.


View measuring instructions
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