SIRIS™ Boutonniere Splint

The SIRIS™ Boutonniere Splint is a versatile splint and can treat a number of symptions. Select from the ailments below to view our splinting solutions.


Hyperextension is the extension of of a finger joint beyond the neutral position. It may result in a painful joint, decreased power when pinching or a delay in being able to bend the finger. The SIRIS™ Boutonniere Splint can be used to correct severe froms of hyperextension (greater than 20 degrees) or when subluxation of the joint is occurring.

Lateral Instability

Sideways deviation of a finger may result in a painful joint, disrupted normal movement and an unstable finger which crosses under an adjacent one. The SIRIS™ Boutonniere Splints can be used to correct lateral instability on the DIP joint, the PIP joint of a short finger or the IP joint of the thumb when a limited range of motion is present.


Flexion contractures are the inability to actively straighten a finger joint to the neutral position or the inability to open the hand wide enough to grasp objects. This deformity can result from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or jamming the finger during sports activities. The SIRIS™ Boutonniere Splint can be used to correct a reducible flexion as well as mild to moderate non-reducible boutonniere or mallet finger contractures less than 25 degrees.