SIRIS™ Pulley Ring

$58.00 - 4 or 6 mm wide band
$82.00 - 10 mm wide band

Use the SIRIS™ Pulley Ring to manage bowstringing at the A-2 pulley. To determine the width of the ring, measure proximal to the PIP volar crease to allow full flexion. Pulley Rings are available in a variety of widths: 4, 6 and 10 mm. If one of the standard SIRIS™ Pulley Rings will not fit tight enough due to a large PIP joint, feel free to contact us about the Hinged Pulley Ring we have been developing.

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Are you a therapist measuring for this splint?

Note: When considering splints, it is important to consult with, and be evaluated by, a therapist or other healthcare professional who specializes in treating finger problems and who can give advice on the best splint solutions.

SIRIS™ Pulley Ring

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