Our Splints

The prices listed below apply to sterling silver splints.  All pricing is current.  We usually evaluate prices at the beginning of every year and all changes will be reflected immediately.  Please contact us for pricing on gold splints as well as fitting instructions for special order splints.  Extra Heavy Duty splints are available for an additional $54.00.  Please note that we are happy to make modifications to assist with the custom fit.  Special order splints listed on our price list are subject to a 25% restocking fee if returned.  Custom splints designed for individual situations carry a down payment of $200.00 and may be subject to a no return policy. Please note, orders received on or before December 19th, 2016 will be invoiced and shipped before the end of the calendar year. Any orders received after that date cannot be guaranteed to ship before the end of year. Please place any orders as soon as possible so that we can better serve you.
We will also not be available by phone for the first week of January. We will still be processing orders so continue to fax or email them to us. Thank you – Silver Ring Splint Family

Standard Splints

Special Order Splints

Terms: Net 30 days to medical facilities. Patients and facilities may pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or personal checks. Shipping charges added to all orders. We do not bill insurance companies. Prices subject to change without notice. Used splints may not be returned.