How to Obtain Splints

You will need a referral from your physician to an Occupational Therapist (OT), Physical Therapist (PT), or Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) who is familiar with splinting. If you need the name of a therapist in your community who is familiar with our products, please contact us. -

In order to make appropriate choices in splints, your therapist will need to:

• Be knowledgeable about disease processes and injuries.

• Evaluate the type and degree of deformity present in your hands.

• Evaluate your total hand function.

• Discuss your concerns regarding pain, weakness, loss of function, decreased power and appearance of your hands.

• Need a measuring kit to be able to take accurate measurements.


We need new orders in writing. Please send one of the following ways:

To Order by Fax:

888-456-8828 or 434-971-8828


To Order by Email:

Send your order form to

To Order by Mail:

Silver Ring Splint Company
P.O. Box 2856
Charlottesville, VA 22902-2856 USA


To Re-Order you may call us. Please have your original invoice or customer number ready:

800-311-7028 or 


  • Make a good thing even better. Silver Ring Splint offers specialty rings embellished with a variety of precious stones as well as splints available in 14k gold.  To see available options visit “Specialty Rings” under the “Our Splints” page.

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